A good life shouldn’t cost the earth

Do you want to be more sustainable?

Are you trying to decrease waste, save water, reduce energy or buy sustainably?

Would you like to encourage others to be more eco friendly too?

Whether you need a little support, or complete guidance, I can help you take steps to reduce waste, and be more sustainable in your business, home, school or when out.

Make smarter choices, that are good for you, and good for our planet.

How I can help

Through a range of audits, coaching, and workshops, I help individuals, councils, schools and businesses to transform their approach to waste, recycling and sustainable living.


Sustainable living workshops

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Business sustainability plans

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Sustainable living ideas & tips

Reduce food and plastic waste

Do you want a sustainability workshop, consulting or social impact for your business or community?

A little about me

I‘m a relatable environmentalist, zero waste advocate, sustainability writer, educator and speaker.

I work with businesses, government, schools and community to develop and implement strategies to transform the approach to waste, recycling, and sustainable living.

I advocate for improved environmental strategies, ensuring transparency, sustainable change and better outcomes for the community, environment and public wellbeing.


Some organisations I’ve worked with

Who I’ve worked with

It’s always lovely to get feedback from people who are working towards sustainable change.


Kirsty is well known and highly respected in the sustainability circles. We were fortunate to have her as a guest speaker at the local sustainability fair, where she inspired everyone with insights into how to reduce food waste by using the whole of fruits and vegetables. She’s such an engaging speaker and had us all excitedly headed home to reimagine what we used to think were kitchen scraps. We hope to have Kirsty back to share her wealth of knowledge on all things sustainable.
Jess Ness

Bedford Park Community Garden

Thanks again so much for coming in today Kirsty. The Envato crew really appreciate it. Everybody was really engaged and we had a great turnout, which we are thrilled with. Thank you again for all your time and effort, what a great way to kick start our sustainability week.
Dan Mikati

Senior Customer Success Officer, Envato

Kirsty has facilitated a number of workshops educating the Knox community on how to reduce waste in their homes.  Sessions were well attended and everyone left with positive messages to become more sustainable.
Barb Jordon

City Programs Project Officer, Knox City Council

To host a sustainable living workshop for your staff or community