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About Kirsty

Sustainability CoacH

My mission is to create change for a more sustainable world with less waste.

I’m here to help you take steps to reduce waste and make more sustainable choices

My mission is to create change for a more sustainable world with less waste.

Through a range of audits, coaching, and workshops, I help individuals, councils and business transform their approach to waste, recycling and sustainable living.

An idealist at heart, but a realist in action, I work with people to create impact and sustainable change. 

Every action we make has a consequence. Inaction has a consequence too.

As a sustainability coach I develop leadership, creativity & innovation to enable people to create positive environmental and social impact.

Keeping it real

I take complex messages and deliver them in an understandable and motivating way, to empower actions that can have a ripple effect to flow through your organisation or community.

I live by this and like to share simple tips, and the trials and tribulations in my personal sustainable living journey.

Do you want to make a difference? But not sure what steps to take?

For individuals you can follow my blog

For businesses and organisations, I offer workshops, audits and consulting services to help you develop a strategic approach to sustainability

Take steps towards sustainability


Sustainable Business

Sustainable Living

Want to know more about me?


  • Bachelor in Environmental Science
  • Major in Pollution and Health
  • Diploma of Permaculture
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment



  • President and advocate of Zero Waste Victoria
  •  20+ years of implementing sustainable practices
  • Environmental Educator
  • Sustainability Consultant