Kirsty Bishop-Fox

Hi, I’m Kirsty Bishop-Fox

I’m a sustainability educator and changemaker on mission to inspire and support people, as we shift towards a more sustainable future. So together we can all have a positive impact on our planet, people, and productivity.

I consult with businesses, government and community groups to transform the approach to reducing waste, climate action and sustainable living.

I can support your sustainability objectives and corporate social responsibility by engaging with your staff or community, to focus on practical actions which create achievable and meaningful change.

Live today like tomorrow matters

Together we can shift mindsets to prioritise sustainability with a think globally and act locally approach, by taking personal action in the workplace, at home, and when out.

How I can help you improve sustainability

I can work with your staff and community to guide sustainable change by focusing on conscious environmental choices with in your business or in everyday personal actions.

I tailor programs to improve sustainability and decrease waste by:

  • Developing sustainability plans and strategies
  • Implementing environmental behaviour change programs
  • Facilitating sustainability training
  • Practicing corporate social responsibility
  • Informing sustainable development decisions
  • Promoting a culture of sustainability
  • Communicating your environmental message

Ways I can help with your sustainability programs

To support or strengthen your sustainable development goals.

Sustainability Consulting

Strategies for environmentally conscious organisations

Sustainability Workshops

Environmental education to raise awareness

Community Engagement

Environmental behaviour change programs

Environmental Writer

Copywriting, communications and sustainability reporting

Sustainability Speaker

Motivational and empowering presentations

Client feedback

Kirsty is well known and highly respected in the sustainability circles. We were fortunate to have her as a guest speaker at the local sustainability fair, where she inspired everyone with insights into how to reduce food waste by using the whole of fruits and vegetables. She’s such an engaging speaker and had us all excitedly headed home to reimagine what we used to think were kitchen scraps. We hope to have Kirsty back to share her wealth of knowledge on all things sustainable.
Jess Ness

Bedford Park Community Garden

Thanks again so much for coming in today Kirsty. The Envato crew really appreciate it. Everybody was really engaged and we had a great turnout, which we are thrilled with. Thank you again for all your time and effort, what a great way to kick start our sustainability week.
Dan Mikati

Senior Customer Success Officer, Envato

Kirsty has facilitated a number of workshops educating the Knox community on how to reduce waste in their homes.  Sessions were well attended and everyone left with positive messages to become more sustainable.
Barb Jordon

City Programs Project Officer, Knox City Council

My approach to sustainable change is anchored by 6 core values

I take on clients who align with these values

Innovate to create value for your customers and business without harming our planet

Learn new information to be make informed environmental decisions
Engage and create meaningful connections with staff, community, and customers
Be accountable, transparent and responsible for the choices you make or support
Take a genuine, authentic, and real approach, staying true in business, and in everyday life.
Thankfulness and appreciation for our planet and those who protect it

A bit more about me

Kirsty Bishop-Fox
  • Environmentalist with 25 years in environmental and sustainable practices
  • Environmental educator who delivers community environmental behaviour change programs
  • Consultant for sustainability strategies including communicating sustainability messages, sustainable procurement, waste reduction
  • Project manager for implementation on environmental behaviour change programs
  • Project Program Manager for Sustainable Living Festival
  • Co-founder and President of Zero Waste Victoria
  • Qualifications
  • Bachelor in Environmental Science (Major in pollution and Health), Diploma of Permaculture, and Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Certified Home Energy Assessor
  • Relevant courses are CERES Environmental Education Course, Forest Garden Design – Dave Jacke, Creative Facilitation and Learning with Robin Clayfield, Fruit Tree Management – Telopea Mountain Permaculture (Pete the Permie). Plus other sustainability and general interest workshops and courses
Maybe a little nerdy, but I never tire of learning or talking about sustainability and waste 

Some organisations I’ve worked with

I’m a member of

Do you want to promote sustainability in your business or community?