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Zero Waste Victoria is a grass roots charity organisation, who connect with community to advocate against waste and reduce plastic consumption. Established in 2017 and incorporated in 2019, Kirsty Bishop-Fox is the founding and current president. In this role she continues to leads education and advocacy initiatives to create a world with less waste.

 Some accomplishments

  • Wrote the constitution to establish the founding committee to incorporate ZWV
  • Is a contributor to the monthly Zero Waste newsletter
  • Develops strategies to shift Victoria towards zero waste
  • Advises on policy for zero waste education and advocacy
  • Media Spokesperson

Waste and recycling consulting for government

Kirsty Bishop-Fox has written submissions on behalf of Zero Waste Victoria to inform waste policy and regulatory reviews for local, state and federal governments. Some government submissions written are

  • Product Stewardship Act (Federal Government), 2018
  • National Waste Policy: Less waste, more resources -2018
  • Victorian Government’s Environment and Planning Committee’s inquiry into recycling and waste management 2019
  • Invited to give evidence (advise) at a public hearing Inquiry into Recycling and waste management, Victoria 2019.
  • Victoria’s Circular Economy Policy (DEWLP) 2019
  • Feedback for proposed Environmental Protection regulations (EPA) 2020
  • Federal Government inquiry into Australia’s Waste Management and Recycling Industries 2020

Zero Waste Festivals

  • Co-founder of the Zero Waste festival (Brunswick, Melboure) in 2018
  • Directed the Zero Waste festival (St Kilda, Melboure) 2019
  • Supported the planning team for the Online Zero Waste Festival 2020
  • Speaker and facilitator

Waste to Energy

  • Engages with local residents to understand their environmental and health concerns regarding proposed waste to energy facilities
  • With Environmental Justice Australia negotiated better conditions for air quality, waste management, monitoring and reporting for Laverton and the surrounding communities in Melbourne
  • Secured a requirement for ‘waste arising’ contracts to be preferred, to avoid councils being locked into contracts obligating the supply of fixed amounts of waste, which ought to be diverted to recycling and waste avoidance schemes.
  • Prioritisation of materials recovery before energy recovery
  • Better monitoring of air emissions and a range of pollutants, including public reporting of monitoring results
  • Many of the improved conditions from the Laverton facility have been transferred to other Waste to Energy Works Approvals in Victoria.
  • Consultations with community about proposed waste to energy facilities are available

Zero Waste Victoria is an organization who leads the conversation on the growing issues of waste and recycling within Melbourne and Victoria.